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Maple Story Mesos Guide

Maple Story Mesos Introduction

Mesos is the currency, the money and the dough in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Maple Story. Different quantities of mesos are presented with different graphics in-game and being able to tell them apart is a good start:

Mesos Bronze Coin Bronze coin (10-49 mesos)

Mesos Gold Coin Gold coin (50-99 mesos)

Mesos Cash Bundle Cash bundle (100-999 mesos)

Mesos Gold Bag Gold bag (1000+ mesos)

Maple Story Mesos play a vital role in the game play for there is almost nothing that can't be bought with them. Mesos is the word on everyones lips, it is what everybody wants and what nobody can have enough of. There is so much to buy and so little time and one just can't seem to find enough mesos. In this guide we will explore the mesos flows. Where the mesos are coming from, where they are going to and how a player can tap into the flows to amass enough mesos to live out his remaining Maple Story days in a state of complete bliss and abundance.

Buy Mesos

Although it is fully possible to amass a fortune of Maple Story mesos by playing the game, it certainly is not feasible for the majority of players. There is a conflict with real life. You can't excel at Maple Story and real life at the same time. There simply is not enough time. Moreover, the fun factor of a game is not proportional to the quantity of time you spend playing it, it is proportional to the quality of that time. There are people out there that devote their time to gathering mesos which they then sell for real money to other players that don't have as much time to spend with the game. The buyer of mesos can spend his limited time in-game having fun and the seller gets real money in return for all the time spent in-game. Both buyer and seller get more out of the game then they would have gotten if the transaction had not taken place. It is a beautiful thing. A very good website where such services are accessible is the MapleStory section of www.rpgstash.com where you can buy mesos, power leveling, items and accounts.


Free Market

A good rule of thumb is to never sell anything to NPCs. Target other players instead. Players selling and buying commodities can be found in abundance in the free market; the commerical centre of the Maple Story world where goods are exchanged for mesos 24/7. There are entrances to the free market in the following cities: Henesys, Perion, El Nath, Aquarium, Ludibrium, Omega Sector, Orbis, Riprey and Shouwa Town. Once inside the free market you can deal straight with other players in the open area or you can enter the streets to access shops where players have their stuff on display at set prices while they attend to other things, in-game or outside of the game.

Free Market

The largest activity and the best prices are usually found in channel 1. It is wise to hold on to your mesos until you have a good idea of the market prices. Don't just check the price of an item at one shop. Walk around the entire free market and get the big picture. And don't be afraid to bid below asking price on the items advertised in the open area. Who knows? You might get a real bargain. It is also a good idea to check the temperature of the market over the course of several weeks. Some days there is more supply than demand, other days it is the other way around. To buy low and sell high is a viable strategy in the real word and very much so in MapleStory. Buying low in the free market of the crowded channel 1 and selling high in a less populated channel is something that works like a champ. You can also advertise your stuff in other areas of the game world where there is less competition. It is all about knowing your customers, where they are, what they know and what they need. The bottom line is that you need to push the margins to your advantage in order to amass mesos. Saving a few thousand mesos on every purchase and adding a few thousand mesos on every sale will add up to millions and possibly billions of mesos in the long run. You need to be systematic and think ahead. Do the right thing over and over again. That is the fundamental principle of success.


Most of the items and the mesos in Maple Story come from monster drops. Getting your character up to a decent level (80+) and equipping him/her with the best gear is a good start. Then it is all about finding the monsters that give you the most value for your time.


At very low levels (below 20) the warrior class is the most efficient mesos gatherer but once you find yourself at higher levels the magician class is the most efficient mesos grinder. The best solution is to team up with a warrior and use him/her as meat shield while you fire your attacks from a distance. Then split the earnings between you. You just need to find fellow players of the right material and you are good to go. Please observe that the bowman is generally a bad mesos grinder seeing as the ammunition is very costly.


As you train your character there are a lot of quests you can do that will pay off reasonably well.

Level 21 - Winston's Fossil Dig-up quest: 30K mesos.
Level 25 - Alex the Runaway Kid: Earrings.
Level 30 - Fairy's Horn Flute: Blue Moon Earrings.
Level 40 - To the New World: Various good rewards. May give 60% Scroll for Gloves for ATT (7-12 million mesos).
Level 40 - Jane the Alchemist: Various good rewards. 60% Scroll for Gloves for ATT (7-12 million mesos).
Level 40 - Peace at Eos Tower: Various good rewards. 60% Scroll for Gloves for ATT (7-12 million mesos).

Other quests to do as you go along:

Terminating the Dark Force
Party quests such as Ludibrium Party Quest

Party Quest Ludibrium


Take advantage of holiday events and other occassions when event exlusive items such as Valentine's roses, Red Envelopes and Wish Tickets are dropped.

Valentine's Rose Blue Red Envelope

Experience shows that these items can go for millions of mesos later on when they have grown shorter in supply. Particularly if the occassion begs for something extra. Christmas is usually a great time to sell event items aquired earlier in the year. And the event items may differ from year to year so last year's Valentine drops might be a big hit on next year's Valentine. With a little luck, knowledge and effort you can make a fortune of Maple Story mesos and still get enough time over to actually enjoy the money.