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The ability to explore new characters is something that most players find exciting and fun. This feature is also available in MapleStory, but the way that it is achieved is something that would wake every player’s interest. The characters do not only represent each gamer, but they are also sub-divided into six classes which you can explore when it is time for you to try a new one:

 Explorers

 Cygnus Knights

 Heroes

 Resistance

 Nova

 Sengoku

Take note that both Child of God and Beast Tamer have one class. The exploration of these classes begins at Maple Island, where players will position themselves in the Beginner Class. As soon as they complete each stage and surpass the level, it will enable them to progress, allowing them to unlock the five classes step-by-step:

 Magician

 Thief

 Warrior

 Bowman

 Pirate

Players will then choose their class as they advance at levels 30, 70, and 120. For normal adventurers, they can progress to these three classes:

 Dual Blade (Thief)

 Kinesis (Magician)

 Cannoneers (Pirate)

If you are a player under the Cygnus Knight characters, you will start as Noblesse class from the Ereve map. You will be challenged to reach level 10 so that you can progress into other five Cygnus Knight classes.

Take note that each of these classes also has the same level with Explorer Class. Advancing to level 120 will allow you to transform your character into level 50 explorer in which you’ll gain more benefits that will help you on your journey. If you are seeking for characters with a back story behind its personality and current position, then you must do your best to try the following six Hero classes. They also have distinct skills that you can use when fighting with your enemies. They don’t mainly appear in the game for aesthetic purposes, but they are extremely helpful for your progression.

 Aran

 Evan

 Mercedes

 Phantom

 Luminous

 Shade