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MapleStory2 Review

MapleStory had caught gamers' attention when it landed on the online world. With the new features coming, it is not surprising that it gained a spot in the gaming community. One of the changes that amazed us is the way that the player can acquire the AP and SP. It used to be at the final part of the Epic Story Quest, and now, you have to get it by winning trophies. Some gamers may want this development since it doesn’t have too much effect on the overall game. However, those who love seeking challenges and quests may feel disappointed.

The best part of the MapleStory 2 is the customizable characters that you can freely modify to make them fit your taste when it comes to design and aesthetics. It doesn’t have any contribution to your entire performance. However, it will let you feel the fun and real-like experience while playing. The item shop has various clothing items and badges, or you may also access the Maple Workshop where you can purchase design templates and mounts as well.

We are just hoping that the Battle Royale called Mushking Royale is entirely accessible. There are certain times that it is inactive. Despite this fact, we find it challenging and unique. You can ride in a big air balloon and jump over the MapleStory 2 map, and then, battle with other players or monsters by throwing them some items to beat them.

We can also say that the sound effects of the MapleStory 2 are awe-inspiring and seamless. The towers standing everywhere in the map automatically sound telling the player that an enemy is getting near. The design and navigation features of the game also deserve applause. These segments contribute to the uniqueness of this battle. The graphics are crisp, allowing you to see the images clearly most especially when you are surrounded by enemies and other items in the game. These developments that we have observed make us more excited about further features to come!